Infranor Division

Activities and organisation

The Infranor Division operates as an industry-independent drive specialist, particularly in the general servo and drive technology areas. The Division is divided up into product companies, engineering and sales companies and combined companies.


Infranor engineering and sales activities are the direct and decentralised link to markets and customers. Infranor Division has engineering and sales operations in the Benelux countries, China, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, USA and the United Kingdom.

Here you find the engineering and sales activities near you.

The product companies develop and manufacture servo-motors and servo-amplifiers in France and Spain. Please find further information by clicking here.

Division Management

Jean-Pierre van Griethuysen
27, rue des Uttins
1401 Yverdon-les-Bains

Phone: +41 24 447 02 00
Fax: +41 24 447 02 01

The Infranor Divison is part of the Infranor Group which introduced in 2007 its new organisational structure with the Infranor and Cybelec Divisions.